New Orleans Through a Lens Part 2

If you seen Part 1 of our New Orleans journey, this is part 2. This set we took a different approach, exploring select colors and sometimes the lack there of. There are a lot of pictures of grave sites in this set, since they offer a very contrasted scene between life, death and calm color tones. 

We shot this set yet again with a 50mm f/1.7 lens on a Sony digital mirrorless camera. In fact this lens stayed on the camera most of this trip. 50mm is the perfect focal length in a full frame camera to show things as the eye perceives them naturally in our opinion. This set is another ode to the city, New Orleans, Louisiana. Each picture in this set has a mood. Colors where selected to be shown or not, in post, to enhance that feeling and mood. Sometimes slight color was allowed to come through the black and white tones to show a minor detail with more focus. This whole set was a blast to shoot and even more fun to edit. As always, we travel and complete all our jobs with a still camera in hand regardless of what we are doing. Photography has been, and always will be, at our core. 

Creative edits are just one of the ways that allows us to have fun with what we shoot. Sometimes the shots were planned that way, and others the choice is made after the fact. What do you think of this sets style? Feel free to comment below and let us now. 

Stay tuned for an exciting part 3, where we shot everything in 35mm film, including some rare re-rolled cinema film, again in 50mm. 

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