29th Annual Medina Ice Festival Sculptures

We’ve been taking photos at the Annual Medina Ice Festival for several years now. It’s always a highlight of the winter season.

This year the festival celebrated 29 years in Medina, Ohio. It’s always an exciting experience—there are tons of beautiful sculptures and amazing vendors, but our favorite part is seeing people light up with excitement when they see the ice sculptures. The event doesn’t just bring in families; it attracts tourists from all over the state and even out-of-state visitors. The event takes place over four days and features some of the most amazing ice sculptures you’ve ever seen. 


It’s always amazing at how much work goes into creating these sculptures from Elegant Ice Creations and other carvers. It’s not just about cold temperatures and hot torches; it’s about the hours of careful planning and precise sculpting that goes into each one. Then there’s what happens when it comes time to light them up at night: all of those delicate details become visible in a whole new way! This year was something special when Elegant Ice lit a large ice sculpture on fire Friday night and had fire dancers perform around it while it burned. If you have not seen the video yet click HERE.

Photographing ice can be a challenge, especially in low light. Luckily using really fast lenses, polarizing filters and our incredible Sony Alpha cameras we are able to pull out most the details deep in the ice.
There were so many businesses sponsoring this years event, it was the highest count of sculptures we have seen yet. Feel free to reuse any photos you may like, all we ask it to please give credit and/or link back to Propped Productions.

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Enjoy the above images? Check out some of the gear we used to capture them below:


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