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We design, build, and test many of our custom drones and camera rigs in house. This allows us total control over our equipment to produce results that are world class. Questions? Let us handle the decision making to produce the results you want. Contact us today to get your project started. 


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11″ HIgh speed cinema lifter

Our custom built 11″ 8 prop custom cinema lifter was built in house with no compromises. The frame was designed by Stand-in designs and custom cut in North America from the highest grade carbon fiber available. This airframe is capable of carrying many cameras such as RED Digital Komodo, ZCAM, Sony FX3 & FX6 and more. This platform was designed for demanding high speed chase and precision work that requires flight times approaching ten minutes.  

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Fully Guarded mixed prop cinema lifter

Safety is key when operating around people or other sensitive targets. Our custom built mixed prop guarded cinema lifter is the proper tool for the job when we need to get a cinema camera into locations safely. This lifter is capable of carry RED Digital Komodo, ZCAM and more. Precision smooth flight with the ability to produce gyro stabilized footage is what this airframe excels at. This drone is perfect for action sports, indoor flights and more. 

Autel EVO 6k with live stream capabilities

Our favorite 6k precision airframe is the Autel Evo II Pro. This drone features a 6k Sony sensor with excellent low light capabilities. We are able to produce accurate flight paths and smooth fully stabilized footage with 30+ minute flight times using this platform. We also have the ability to broadcast 1080p 60fps footage from the drone to multiple platforms or directly output to our custom streaming setup for Live Streaming any event. We can also directly feed HDMI to any device needed while the drone is in the air adding up to endless possibilities. 


custom FPV drones

Featuring a giant fleet of custom FPV (First Person View) drones from extremely fast 5″ & 7″ prop drones and smaller fully guarded cinewhoops which are capable of carrying the latest in GoPros with speed and agility that is absolutely unmatched. Our drones can chase drift and other motorsports within inches at full pace. The smaller cinewhoop platforms we commonly use indoors for the popular One Take Style FPV drone fly throughs that have been taking the media world by storm. We are capable of precision flight through homes, factories, businesses and more. These small compact airframes ´┐╝were custom designed and built in house using the highest grade carbon fiber cut in North America. We spent years refining this platform to out perform anything available. 

One big feature we have is the ability to LIVE STREAM the camera feed of any of our FPV drones instantly to any platform on site to really produce LIVE content that turns heads and keeps you saying “WOW!”

Drone media is the future. Bring your project to the next level with custom solutions designed to meet your need. 

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