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Creating breathtaking content from the sky

We are one of the leaders in state of the art drone media. Featuring custom, purpose built drones capable of handling all media needs from high resolution imaging to cinema camera lifting. Drone media can add another angle or competitive edge to your project. We are capable of operating anywhere, indoors or outside. We currently operate over 20 air frames, purpose built, to safely operate in many different scenarios. Our equipment is safeguarded to operate around people and other sensitive areas. We excel at First Person Video, commonly known as FPV, which is quickly taking the media world by storm. Leave all the planning to us with a FREE consultation on your project. 

All of our pilots are commercially FAA licensed (Part 107) and have thousands of hours of flight experience operating many different drone platforms. We have been airborne for 8+ years and continue to set new standards at what a drone can do. Our custom built airframes can operate in tight places and restricted airspace with FAA approval. We have a excellent track record of getting authorization to operate in areas restricted for drone use through careful planning and coordination with local airports and the Federal Aviation Association. 

We are industry leaders.

We commonly use drones for: 

  • FPV (first person video)
  • One Take Drone Video
  • Fly Throughs
  • Cinematic FPV
  • Cinema Cam Shots
  • Overhead Imaging
  • LIVE Streaming
  • Property Exploration
  • Event Coverage
  • Weddings
  • Sporting Events
  • Virtual Tours
  • Automotive Events
  • High Speed Chase
  • Inspecting Hard to Reach Areas
  • Job Site Progress
  • Large Aerial Images & Panoramas
  • Interactive 360 Photos
  • Realty Listings
  • Photogrammetry & 3D Models
  • Orthographic Images
  • Roof and Building Inspection
  • Parking Lot Mapping
  • Tower and Mast Inspection
  • Promotional Videos
  • Establishing Shots

With our large skill set, ease of planning and excellent pricing structure we make the decision of who to hire easy. Contact us today for a FREE consultation. 



Establishing shots

Establishing shots help to open or close out a scene. Using a drone is the ideal way to get the big view.

This video shows a unique tanker barge, the Double Skin 509a, maneuvering down tight parts of Irishtown Bend on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio


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First Person View Drone Content is taking the media world by storm. Using FPV really allows the camera to exist in places that it couldn’t a decade ago.

This video highlights a few drone shots followed by a FPV One Take that we did for MAPS Air Museum at a NEO Cars and Coffee event we had the opportunity to film. We were able to safely fly over millions of dollars of exotic cars and rare aircraft including a retired Blue Angel airplane at an active airport. Safety and flying legal using our FAA Part 107 certification is huge reason to hire a professionals. 



Low Light and indoors

Our custom FPV cinewhoops are perfect for operating indoors in tight spaces. We have custom built platforms that feature low light cameras capable of safely maneuvering with very little light. This allows precision flight indoors or outside while creating content that really engages audiences. 

This flight was part of an art installation in a secret warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio created by David Harrison. This fly through was the most challenging environment imaginable for our drones and camera gear, which performed flawless. 



Turning heads with drone views

Drones provide views that really turn heads. Using high resolution 6k sensors we can produce smooth, breathtaking shots with ease that really set a mood. 

This flight was during Plexus’s annual Summer Soiree at Ernst and Young Tower. The glass of the building and the dark color grade make for a video that is impressive and moody. 


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High speed chase & Action sports

The close view combined with the speed and agility of our custom built drones makes for a thrilling experience. There is no better way to feel right in the action than from the “in the cockpit” view of a FPV drone. We feature drones custom built to meet all these demands at speeds of 100+ mph. Our custom platforms can reach top speed within fractions of a second while being able to stop, turn and track objects with ease. Combining our high tech gear with close to a decade of experience operating drones make for truly action packed results. These setups are perfect for motor sports, commercials, motocross, action sports and more. The possibilities are endless. 

This video was filmed at Lake Erie Speedway during the Vibes! Drift 2022 weekend. This event is always one of our favorites. It really highlights our capabilities to go to extremes to get the perfect shots. 



Breathtaking views

A decade ago it would costs thousands of dollars to achieve footage using a helicopter that we can produce with a drone for a fraction of the cost. Drones eliminate all the logistic issues while providing fast cost effective turn around. Take this creative shot of the Terminal Tower in Cleveland, Ohio as an example of what we can do with a drone and proper editing. 


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Based out of cleveland, Ohio

We serve all of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, the entire United States and beyond.

Common cities we operate in are: Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Detroit, Erie, Warren, Pittsburgh 


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