Inaugural Cars and Coffee at Lake Erie Speedway

Cars have always held a special place in our hearts. From their sleek designs and powerful engines to the sense of freedom and adventure they provide, automobiles are more than just machines; they’re an expression of our passion and individuality. What better way to celebrate our collective love for cars than at the inaugural Cars and Coffee event at Lake Erie Speedway? 

If you are not familiar, Lake Erie Speedway is located at 10700 Delmas Drive | North East, PA 16428, and is under a two hour drive from both Cleveland, Ohio or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 


The first Cars and Coffee event at Lake Erie Speedway was a haven for car enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts alike. It was an opportunity to witness an impressive lineup of classic, exotic, and custom cars all in one place. As the morning sun illuminated the glistening exteriors, attendees reveled in the beauty and craftsmanship on display. From the rumbling engines to the smell of fuel from the super late models, every sensory experience was an invitation to capture the essence of automotive passion through a camera lens. 

We didn’t have a chance to photograph every vehicle, as we were recording video as well (stay tuned for our edit). However, there was a very impressive display of cars there from vintage to modern. Having the super late model racers show up was also a very special treat. There was no shortage of unique builds and modifications at the event. The track provided free coffee and the Rusty Wheel provided great breakfast options as well. 

The event was for a great cause. Paying tribute to to Elmer “Porky” Chambers, and supporting Parkinson’s Partners of NW PA and Alzheimer’s Association of NW PA. You can find out more about these great organizations at the links below:


Parkinson Partners of Northwestern Pennsylvania

Alzheimer’s Association


Enjoy our album of photos below. If you like any of the images you see and want high resolution copies or prints, feel free to contact us. We print in house and offer many sizes and options with shipping. If you use the images or share them on social media, all we ask is that you give us credit. We can be tagged on all platforms as Propped Productions. As always, if you have photography, video or drone needs for your event large or small, contact us today!


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