City of Cleveland Ohio 4th of July Fireworks 2023 Photographs

Any time their is a major event around Cleveland, Ohio we love to get out with our cameras and capture photos and video as often as we can. The 4th of July is always a great time to do so. This year we focused on a relaxing event photography adventure and found a prime spot and Wendy Park to setup our gear. Photography of fireworks is a great subject with lots of variables that make it fun, depending on if we are using a camera on the ground or when we fly our drones in the air.

The biggest pointer we can suggest when photography fireworks is to take long exposures. This allows the shutter of the camera to hang open longer allowing for a giant display of light and color over a period of a few seconds. A sturdy tripod is a must when doing long exposures, as well as setting manual focus lock on a area. Sometimes using a polarized filter really helps taking fireworks photos as well. We like to pick a moderate focal length around 50-85mm however if you are really close a wider lens like 20-35mm might work better for you. 

Enjoy this album of the city of Cleveland, Ohio’s 4th of July fireworks show. We sure did! They were lit off from the usual location, the Port of Cleveland. The backdrop over the lake is always great. This location also allows for many different viewing angles throughout the city!

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