Lloyd & Keys Cleveland City Brewery Ghost Sign

Photograph of Lloyd & Keys Cleveland City Brewery Ghost Sign located on the side of Great Lakes Brewing brew pub.

Lloyd & Keys started out as the H. Lloyd & Co. Cleveland City Brewery in 1859 located at St. Clair Avenue Hill (falling between West 9th and West 10th). It became Lloyd & Keys, Cleveland City Brewery in 1870 and retained that name until 1895 when it changed to Daniel H. Key’s Cleveland City Brewery. Operation continued under the later name until 1909 and ceased upon the death of Daniel Keys. A brewing legend, brewing in Cleveland for 60 years.
The Lloyd & Keys Cleveland City Brewery was known for their beers such as a Pale Ale, Cream Ale, Kennett Ale, Champaign Ale, Porter and Brown Stout along with port and other products.
We were told by a Great Lakes Brewing Company employee that this ghost sign is touched up every few years to retain its prominence on the side of the brew pub exterior wall.

Great Lakes Brewing is located in Ohio City, near the West Side Market and celebrated 35 years of brewing in Cleveland. Their brew pub has excellent food and a broad selection of beers along a historic bar.

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