Winter Bash 2023

  • First event of the year with Drift PAOHNY
  • Cold but a ton of fun
  • Lake Erie Speedway is a great venue
  • Tons of seat time for drivers
  • Shot photos, video and drone media 


Winter Bash 2023

The start of drift season in North east pennsylvania

The start of drift at Lake Erie Speedway has finally kicked off with Winter Bash 2023 this last weekend hosted by Drift PAOHNY. It was a cold, but a super fun 6 hours of time at the track. The day had clear skies for the first half but definitely decided to prove it was still winter by late afternoon. 

The event was a bit challenging with FPV drones, as there was a heavy 25+ mph wind out of the North most the day, but that didn’t stop us from flying. A core group of this years drone live stream team got some much needed stick time in testing builds and shaking the dust off at the track. There is definitely some great drone footage to come, even though the snow around 2 p.m. made it a bit more challenging to fly. 

Shooting video with the Schneider-Krueznach 2x anamorphic adapted to a Helios 44-2 really shined filming drift. It’s pretty amazing, being able to capture so much of the track in one frame. Getting the video edited is definitely a priority. This lens will be at the track a lot more this upcoming season, that is for sure. It has become a go to when really wide cinematic shots are needed. 

During the afternoon, it was nice to take some time away from flying and step onto the track to shoot some handheld photos of cars. Shooting at a low shutter speed really gives everything the look of motion and creates a great mood with the bit of snow that started to fall. You can see a selection of the photos taken below. 

Stay tuned to our socials and YouTube for the video edit that will be coming soon. Like what you see? Make sure to follow us and check back to our blog regularly to stay up to date on our adventures!





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