The Changed Mouth Of The Cuyahoga River


The sunsets over Lake Erie are always a sight to see. There are many great places to watch the sun fall over the horizon, but nothing offers a better view than a drone!

Did you know the current layout of Whiskey Island was created in 1827 when the mouth of the Cuyahoga River was moved and transformed to allow for better shipping access? The Cuyahoga river is the key to shipping and delivery to inner parts The Flats in Cleveland, Ohio. The Mohawk tribe was believed to call the river “Cayagaga”, which meant crooked river. In addition the Seneca tribe called it “Cuyohaga,” or “place of the jawbone.” Combining the two Native American phrase meanings, we get the rivers current name, and nickname. The river has been widened several times in addition to changing the layout of the mouth. Ther first recorded widening was in 1898 then again in 1936, when it was widened and deepened to accommodate large freighters. The river was highly polluted throughout much of it’s history due to industrial discharge. National attention, and the nickname “Burning River”, happened on June 22, 1969 when a large amount of the river caught fire, again. This fire sparked from a oil slick that coated a large area of the river. This fire finally started the changes of discharge waste and cleanup to help create the environment that it is today. 

At the mouth of the river, Whiskey Island is currently home to Cleveland Bulk Terminal and the other half is occupied by the Cleveland Metroparks as the Lakefront Reservation/ Wendy Park. The transformation of Wendy park and the addition of the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks sure is a lovely addition to the amazing set of paths and trails that have formed in Cleveland. The Lakefront Reservation is a great location to catch a sunset and watch boats entering and exiting the river onto the lake. What is your favorite part of the lakefront?

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