Friday flag at Mayfield Union Cemetery

This wonderful photo of the flag was shot while doing a job in Mayfield Village and lighting was just perfect as we were passing by Mayfield Union Cemetery. The huge contrast difference between the treeline/grave sites and sky really adds a lot of character to this photo.  

Mayfield Union Cemetery is one of the older cemeteries in Cuyahoga County dating back to 1847. There are over 470 graves located there with several more believing to be unknown due to lost records. It is located on Wilson Mills road in Mayfield Village, Ohio. Notable grave sites include the Brainard family which Brainard road is named after. The last recorded burial was in 2009. It is believed there may be several unmarked graves of those who records have failed to accurately log. There were talks at one point in time of using ground penetrating sonar to scan the area to get a accurate count. This cemetery is unique because of its age and the fact in predates many famous cemeteries in Cuyahoga County like Lakeview Cemetery and Riverside Cemetery


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