Rudy’s Strudel and Bakery 75th Anniversary Paczki Party

On February 21st, Rudy’s Strudel and Bakery held its 75th anniversary Paczki Party in Parma, Ohio. It was a day to remember as the bakery sold 82,000 paczkis being made for the occasion. The party was filled with fun times and people from all over the area lined up down the street at 5 a.m. to get their hands on some of these delicious treats.

Rudy’s has been serving up delicious strudels and pastries since 1945. The business has become a legend in Parma, Ohio and fans go wild for the Paczki. A paczki is a polish cuisine staple that consists of deep-fried dough filled with sweet fillings. However, in recent years there have even been creative savory versions!

There were other local vendors in attendance such as The Current Year, Schnitz Ale Brewing, Joey’s Rockin Poppin Popcorn, and Love Coffee Barista Bus. It was a total blast to film and drone. The customers dedication to stand outside in the cold, in line, showed how much love exists for the Parma, Ohio business staple Rudy’s is. The line started sometime around 3 A.M. with a few die hard fans that were danced into the door at 5 a.m. once Rudy’s opened for business. We hope you enjoy this post, stay tuned for more adventures!

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