Current State of the Irishtown Bend Project In Ohio City After Fire

Evening drone shots of the current state of Irishtown Bend and the fire that took down the old Front Steps Housing and Services building. The building was set to be demolished as part of the Irishtown bend hillside stabilization project, however a fire, believed to be arson, took the building down on March 20th. The demolition crews have most of the building removed and the project at Irishtown bend is finally moving forward after several hold ups.
This park will play a vital roll in restoring this hillside, which is in really bad shape. The last time we visited it was covered in trash and was a complete eyesore to the city. We are really glad to see development moving forward and cannot wait to see what the Metro Parks will do with this piece of property. Increasing the amount of public spaces and accessibility on the Cuyahoga river really helps citizens enjoy the waterway that snakes it way through our city.

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Love these drone shots? We fly Autel drones for a lot of our work, check them out below:


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